Cruising & Sailing The Sunshine Coast, Vancouver & Howe Sound Including Princess Louisa Inlet & Jedediah Island

The Strait of Georgia’s eastern shoreline incorporates one of the most beautiful cities in the world;
surrounded by mountains, Vancouver and its local cruising area extend into the deep waters of 
Howe Sound
. From Smuggler Cove to Sechelt Inlet and Princess Louisa Marine Park, the delights of sailing
the Sunshine Coast lie to the northwest of Gibsons and Sechelt. Pender Harbour and Powell River
provide handy urban provisioning, moorage and fuelling stops, while the waters between offer a
selection of charming marine parks, protected anchorages and sandy beaches.
 New 4th Edition has arrived July 15, 2022 . Now available for shipping.


Guide. 9 x 12 inches.
160 pages. Softcover
Chart. 12 x 17 inches on 32 lb. bond

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"As part of my passage planning, I acquired copies of your excellent Dreamspeaker Guides. They are among the best cruising guides I have ever come across in over 30 years of boating." – Barrie Baldelli

Sailing Sunshine Coast

Sailing Sunshine Coast

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