Discover a Coast of Magic on DVD
Vancouver to Princess Louisa Inlet

Experience the beauty of BC sailing with Anne and Laurence as your personal guides. The five-day cruise begins in cosmopolitan Vancouver before heading north to an inviting selection of coves, bays and harbours tucked into the Sunshine Coast.

Drop anchor in Smuggler Cove, run barefoot on the beach in Buccaneer Bay and explore the hidden bays of Pender Harbour before your final destination, Princess Louisa Inlet and the powerful beauty of Chatterbox Falls. There is little to rival this unspoilt sanctuary, with its cascading white water backed by a splendid backdrop of lush green forest and mile-high granite cliffs.

"Not unlike Anne and Laurence’s cruising guides, Coastal Magic blends entertainment with enough information to siphon the panic from the most reluctant first mate. It looks easy and more important, it looks like a lot of fun."  – Catherine Dook

BC Sailing



30-minute DVD

Five-day itinerary pullout included

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Sunshine Coast Sailing

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