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The Great Pacific Northwest


Boaters new to cruising or chartering in the Pacific Northwest will be pleasantly surprised by the cruising opportunities that this vast and intricate coastline has to offer – from the laid-back charm of the San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands in the south to the wild beauty of Desolation Sound and The Broughtons in the north.
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Cruising the West Coast of Vancouver Island


Cruising The West Coast of Vancouver IslandNWY
Considered to be the ultimate Pacific Northwest BC sailing and cruising experience, each year more boaters are adding this exciting destination to their list. “Anne and Laurence bring the relaxed, intimate style of the Dreamspeaker guides to this rugged place, and make it seem a little less intimidating – an adventure within reach of the average cruiser.”
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Destination NANAIMO


Destination Nanaimo, North West Yachting
The protected Port of Nanaimo, in the shelter of Protection and Newcastle Island MarinePark, offers an ample choice of transient moorage and anchoring facilities; the city’s revitalized downtown boasts a secure environment with a diverse selection of shops, attractions and activities that will satisfy the most discerning boater and delight the whole family.
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COMOX HARBOUR - Urban Appeal with Seaside Charm


Comox Harbour, Canadian Yachting
Nestled below the dazzling Comox Glacier on Vancouver Island’s eastern coast, the Town of Comox is not only a delight to visit, it is a key provisioning stop and a convenient base for boaters wishing to explore the delights of Courtenay and the Comox Valley. When cruising north ‘Dreamspeaker’ and her crew always look forward to stopping off in cozy Comox Harbour . Download the PDF to Read More…..


BOWEN ISLAND - The Happy Isle


BOWEN ISLAND The Happy Isle - Canadian Yachting.
The green tranquility of Bowen Island lies in the Strait of Georgia at the entrance to Howe Sound and is just nine nautical miles from the City of Vancouver. Surrounded by breezy Queen Charlotte and Collingwood Channels, this small island is a favourite Dreamspeaker destination.
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Quintessential Quadra Island-Part 2


Quintessential Quadra Island-Part 2 Canadian Yachting
“This months cruise completes our circumnavigation of
Quadra Island
taking us south through Discovery Passage to
transit the legendary Seymour
Narrows at slack water; then it’s
off to explore the wonderful medley of Quadra Island 
resorts and anchorages on the west and eastern shores of Cape

Mudge, ending our cruise at magical Rebecca Spit.”
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Quintessential Quadra Island Part 1


Quintessential Quadra Island – Part 1 Canadian Yachting
“The start of our summer circumnavigation of Quadra Island takes us to the head of Hoskyn Channel and through the Settlers Group of islands via Beazley Passage. It also includes Okisollo Channel with the Upper and Lower Rapids, Hole in the Wall and Northern Discovery Passage. Beginning with the historic anchorage in Village Bay on Quadra Island’s eastern shore.  Download the PDF to read more---


The Wonders of Welcome Passage


A Seven -Day Cruise in Boaters Paradise, BC. Canadian Yachting.
Regardless of make or size of vessel, Welcome Passage on the Sunshine Coast is every cruising boater's dream.; a well-stocked craft, forecast settled weather and seven leisurely days dedicated to discovering local, little known anchorages, snug hideaways, peaceful one-boat nooks, fun picnic stops, sandy beaches and sunsets - the epitome of BC sailing!  Download the PDF 
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Exploring Desolation's Edge


Published in Pacific Yachting Magazine September 2016. Exploring Desolation's Edge. From the northern tip of Texada Island to Grief Point on the mainland BC coast, the Strait of Georgia washes the shores for twenty nautical miles before opening at Sarah Point to the ever-popular boating paradise of Desolation Sound. Boaters heading north will find these key destinations on Desolation’s edge an enjoyable introduction to this cruising and BC sailing paradise. Download PDF to read more---


The Dreamspeaker Authors by Marianne Scott


Meet the couple behind the Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides, by Marianne Scott. Pacific Yachting Magazine October 2016.
“The Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides have enlightened nearly two decades of boaters from Puget Sound to the top and west coast of Vancouver Island. Produced by Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones, their seven tomes are illustrated by delightful and informative charts hand-drawn by Laurence, who harnesses his architectural training to make our anchorages easy to access”. Download PDF to read more-----


Cruising the Nooks & Crannies


Our plan is to explore at leisure a selection of favourite harbours, hideaways and peaceful one-boat nooks by revisiting the simple pleasures of Nelson and Hardy Islands and Lower Jervis Inlet on the eastern seaboard of Malaspina Strait. A mini-cruising ground in its own right, this section of coastline is blessed with hidden anchorages tucked into protected bays, often with panoramic vistas up Jervis Inlet and Hotham Sound and dramatic sunset views west to Texada Island. Sailing Magazine February 06 Download PDF to read more-----

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