A Dreamspeaker Sailboat Flotilla to The Broughtons - 2019

A Dreamspeaker Flotilla to the Broughtons

The past two flotillas to Desolation Sound were a great success. Join Anne, Laurence and Dreamspeaker  in early August for a personally guided flotilla to their favourite Broughtons destinations.

Thank you both for such a wonderful experience. Your knowledge and guidance gave us the confidence to explore and experience new and amazing things, places and skills – and that was exactly what we were looking for”. Helen & Don

A Dreamspeaker Flotilla  offers:  

  • Knowledgeable  guidance &  support
  • The confidence to explore new destinations
  • Daily weather &  route planning
  • The opportunity to brush-up on anchoring, rafting-up & stern-tying
  • Social gatherings with fellow boaters

If you are interested in joining our Dreamspeaker Sailboat Flotilla please contact Anne at  info@dreamspeakerguides.com 

Sailboat Flotilla 2019 contact info@dreamspeakerguides.com 

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