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Accomplished boating guide authors and sailors, Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones have produced seven Dreamspeaker Guides that now provide the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of the Pacific Northwest – from Olympia, Washington State, to Cape Scott, British Columbia. Their previous professions were fashion design and architecture.

Authors of the Dreamspeaker Guides

Over the last 27 years, the Yeadon-Joneses have logged thousands of cruising hours charting, recording and photographing their travels. As passion­ate ambassadors of the Pacific Northwest’s unspoiled cruising waters, their Dreamspeaker Guides are filled with meticulous hand-drawn charts and vital information that lead boaters safely into busy harbours, marinas and sheltered anchorages.

The Dreamspeaker Guides began with Laurence’s love of drawing, design and geography and Anne’s flair for descriptive and entertaining letter writing. In 1987, they crossed the Atlantic Ocean aboard their 36-foot sloop Dreamspeaker, and since then Laurence has kept a detailed series of logbooks filled with their cruising destinations. Combining their talents, they have created a successful series of guides that promote a safe and fun boating lifestyle.

Sailing with the Dreamspeaker Team

With the City of Vancouver as a stunning backdrop, Anne and Laurence sail Reverie, a Hunter 38, in English Bay. This was a test run for their DVD Coastal Magic. The charter sailboat was on loan from Cooper Boating, Granville Island.



Dreamspeaker is a 36-foot SHE, a fibreglass sloop designed by Sparkman and Stephens and built by South Hants Engineering, UK, in 1979. She has a fin keel, draws 6.5 feet and sails like a dream.

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Tink, our faithful dinghy, is a 10-foot Tinker RIB, designed and hand-built by Henshaw Inflatables, UK. The oarlocks and wooden oars make for smooth, easy rowing. Sadly, the design has now been discontinued.


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